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The Atlas Society’s Annual Gala is an event that you don’t want to miss! Click HERE to see photo albums from previous events or click to view the highlight videos from 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020!

List of previous and current honorees: 

2017 - David Kelley, Founder of The Atlas Society 
2018 - Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants 
2019 - Chip Wilson, Founder of Lululemon 
2020 - Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman of X Prize 
2021 - Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal
2022 - Michael Saylor, Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy
2023 - Ricardo Salinas, Founder/CEO of Grupo Salinas
2024 - Gina Rinehart, Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting

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Portrait photo of Ana Freund, Development Director

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